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Oh, the boys a slag

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July 30th, 2030

09:09 pm - FRIENDS ONLY!
Sorry but you gotta add me first. I'll probably add you back anyway

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November 25th, 2009

12:08 am - iPhone
I love my new iPhone!
I love Kenny! My boo :)

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June 2nd, 2009

08:56 pm - First you reel me out and then you cut the string
I like that line. But it doesnt display my mood so well as things are getting better. I feel better about everything more and more. I have some hope my relationship will last. I can tell he's trying to make a difference now. :)

And now my "friends" - more like acquaintances now - may be coming over later for a late night pool party and beer drinking sess.

DAMN THIS INTERNET! I cannot get wireless on my computer here. Ugh. I have to go out into the living room & I just wanna chill in my room on my computer! but it wont let me. I wanna take a survey but it won't let it load. Arg arg barlagarg. Guess I must continue when I get into a better range.

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May 31st, 2009

07:06 pm - Why do I have to post

Before I can see my journal on this app

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May 29th, 2009

06:55 pm - Wish I may wish I might

My love Collapse )

So boyfriend and I are rocky I'm just tired of getting "in trouble" for being the only one trying to make this relationship work..
No matter what I do it's the wrong thing and I'm the bad guy and I "start all our fights" yep he's the one who snaps in a second. And the says everything that's wrong with me and our relationship than why are you even with me? You want a gf when it's convient for you. You dont want to work at this.

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May 24th, 2009

02:00 am
Baby you, you got what i need
& you say SHE just a friend...

Current Mood: depresseddepressed
Current Music: Desperate Housewives

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May 20th, 2009

I haven't done anything in photoshop in FOREVER! It feels good, really.
Sorry if they suck. It's been awhile since I've done anything!
I'm trying to remember this website I had, but god I cannot remember the site name. I know my username was inthelight, but what the fuck was the hosting site name???!?!?!? it started with like an A or something. I did this before. I couldn't remember it & then I remember but ahh I forget now, so frustrating!! And yeah I need it to get a bunch of old photoshop icons and banners and shit I made.

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